Every passing year leaves a mark of excitement and euphoria with the NFL highlights and cheers only to leave us eagerly waiting for the next season. With every state offering a line-up of highly-skilled players, we are guaranteed matches bristled with memorable moments and moves. Each game creates some element to get you stoked for the next match of your favorite team. Some of the new fans may not be aware of the teams and players in the NFL, leading them to support only the team with the best jersey or the one that originates from their city. Players from New Jersey have put on fair and splendid games throughout their careers over the century, with every new player adding more spirit to the state. Let us look at the top NFL players from New Jersey.

1.Franco Harris

There wouldn’t have been a greater player from New Jersey than Franco, a four-time Super Bowl champion. He is an easy choice for this list since his achievements speak for him. Harris also has a nine-time Pro Bowl selection, making him one of the best players of all time. Even after his retirement, fans have swarmed at all events featuring Harris.

2.Joe Theismann

Super Bowl XVII was won by the Redskins, and almost all the credit was ascribed to the legend Joe Theismann, who was born in New Brunswick. He was named the most valuable player in the 1983 NFL. Had he sustained the broken leg that ended his career at the age of 36, the Hall of Fame would have featured Theismann’s achievements as well.

3.Elvin Bethea

Bethea spent his whole career with the Houston Oilers, making the best out of his skills that he gained from the Trenton Central High, where he was a multi-sport star. He was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame upon achieving many feats throughout his career.

4.Jim Ringo

Jim, who hails from Phillipsburg, was considered undersized and unfit for sports during his college days. However, he became an unforgettable part of the NFL history with his great feats as the Green Bay Packers’ best center. The team won a pair of NFL championships in 1961. He was traded to Philadelphia after these consequent victories and, in 1981, was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Greg Olsen

5.Greg Olsen

A native of Wayne and a former star of the Carolina Panthers, Greg Olsen holds an esteemed position on this list. He is said to have one the best tight ends in the history of the NFL and has also had almost 50 touchdowns. The most amazing fact about Olsen’s career is that he is only in his mid-30s, implying he has plenty of years left to create magic on the ground. Chicago Bears was the first team Olsen played for in NFL, and he played for them until 2011. He was traded to the Panthers at the beginning of the new decade and later became one of the most popular players in the team.